Fish’n’Chip my way


Oh there is anything I like more than fish! I can eat fish or any other sea food for that matter every day without growing tired of it! I adore its smell when cooked, its tender texture and how it melts in the mouth imbued with the lovely bitterness of lemon juice! Mind you, I even love cleaning fresh fish and willingly prepare it for the ensuing cooking fiesta. Being from the Bulgarian seaside, fish has always been a steady staple in my mum’s kitchen. Roasted, grilled, in fish soup, fried…you name it. And my dad’s famous grilled mackerel is the special treat I am always having when I am back at my parent’s place.

But today my Kosovo kitchen has to deal with the limitations of the food market here, especially as far as fish is concerned. In supermarkets you find several types of fish but I am somewhat precarious–they are all frozen (for how long? is there a sound sanitary inspection?) and with uncertain origin. This is why, for quite some time, I am buying fresh fish from fishermen coming from Albania to Prizren. It has not failed me so far and I am happy with the choices they offer. Today I thought of preparing these lovely grass carps, giving a Mediterranean twist to the classic British Fish’nChip. No way I am going to do it that greasy, dripping oil and sticking up my waist! I have to start exercising again..sigh…Image

For this dish you will need fish of your choice, potatoes, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, black pepper, salt, lemons (1-2) , sunflower oil for frying. Salt down the fish, both the inner and outer parts, then squeeze fresh lemon over each and let in the fridge while you prepare the potatoes. Peel, wash and cut the potatoes into chunky wedges, drizzle with olive oil (generously :-), salt, rosemary, black pepper. Add the shredded garlic and mix well so that the potatoes are coated with oil and the spices. I used 1 kilogram of potatoes but it all depends on how much of a crowd you have to feed.


Put in the preheated to 230 C oven and bake for about 45 minutes or until the tops are golden brown and crispy.


I fried the fish, coated in corn flour, in sunflower oil ( approx. 200 ml) and let it over paper towels to soak the fat. Serve warm with season salad and lemon. You could also grill or roast your fish, its entirely up to your personal choice and the type of fish you’ve got. These grass carps are a bit lean this is why I opted for frying them.



I don’t know about you but this dish brought summer memories to me today 🙂

Image😉  It was delicious!







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